15 minutes – day 15 #30day bloggingchallenge

Today’s question is if I had 15 minutes with a celebrity, who would it be and what would I do?

*hides long list of celebrities 15 minutes would be PLENTY with*

*hides long list of politicians I wouldn’t need 15 minutes to quickly boot off a cliff*

Ok, so murderous and rude impulses aside, who would I like to spend 15 minutes with?

I’m going to clarify celebrity here – I can’t imagine most *celebrities* are particularly interesting (vacuous springs to mind, especially these reality oiks) so let’s say famous, for whatever.

There are a few actually. I’d love to ask Neil Gaiman or Brandon Sanderson where they get their book inspiration from.

I’d like to meet Bill Gates and talk to him about what charity projects he could spend his money on.

I’d also love to meet Barbra Streisand to ask her for an autograph and a selfie for my Mum, who is totally obsessed with her.

What would you do with 15 minutes?

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