A letter to my future self

Dear Me

I was going to write this really poignant piece about how I hope you are grey and wrinkly and surrounded by grandchildren, revered in your old age for your wisdom, kindness and perfect victoria sponge cakes.

As it is, I’m going to say, I really hope you’ve learnt to stop drinking so much bloody wine!!!


Hungover You.


The Enemy

51 thoughts on “A letter to my future self

  1. Ha ha brilliant! I knew it wouldn’t be overly poignant because it’s on #chucklemums but this is funny 😀 hope you feel better – I had a similar realisation about gin on Friday! I predict I’ll never learn! Thanks for hosting #chucklemums

  2. bahahahahaha. I think I have a chest load of very similar letters. When we will actually start listening to our wiser selves #chucklemums

    1. Probably never. Thinking about it I do remember writing a letter to my (and I quote) “Dumbo Self” I’ll have to dig it out!

  3. Hahah AGREED. But I feel like my future self may need more wine so hopefully in the future they invent a pill that takes away your hangover? #chucklemums

  4. Ha! Every time I drink too much wine, I tell myself it will never happen again. Then again, these days ‘too much wine’ means more than one glass – motherhood has made me into a lightweight! #chucklemums

  5. Could have written that myself on Sunday. But despite the hangover, still won’t take the advice (same story for 20yrs now ..!) Hope you’ve recovered by now but if not, you’re not alone (still have remnants of a headache here!) #chucklemums

  6. Nope I would say keep drinking the wine, it makes me feel better and it is technically a fruit, albeit a fermented one! Wine is good for you. Just take a load of milk thistle before you drink in the future and you’ll feel grand the next day! #chucklemums

    1. You know we do have some of that! I’ll need it tonight as wine will fix me feeling shitty about failing my driving test

  7. Ha ha, succinctly put! I had a hangover after a small martini and half a glass of white wine the evening- dismal! I’d definitely want to be surrounded by perfect Victoria sponge cakes when I’m old- it will probably be my priority!!! #loveanycake #apart from carrot cake

  8. Hah! Love it. Very short and to the point. I could also have written this. Will we ever learn to go easy on the wine?! Thanks for hosting #Chucklemums

  9. I have heard people using a special e-mail account to write to their future self, then years in the future they open up the mail inbox and read through them all. Perhaps this is also something that you can do to remind yourself?

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