Day 19 – discuss your views on religion #30daybloggingchallenge

Erm…really? I don’t think anyone wants to read ANYONE’s views on religion, you’re bound to end up offending someone. I’ll do a quick bullet list (DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE OFFENDED)

My views on religion

  • It’s opiate for the masses
  • It’s a tool the powerful use to subjugate others (usually women)
  • It’s made up ridiculousness which belongs several centuries ago
  • It’s a necessary comfort for some people
  • If you remove it from its practitioners it usually sounds just lovely
  • People give themselves arse-ache praying their dues every Sunday for 5 years to get their kid into a school then never go again which is hypocritical in the extreme. Schools are probably the only reason the churches are even still going in this country.

I’m sure there are plenty of lovely things about religion and how it makes people feel better about their lives and what not but I don’t hold a lot of truck with it. Sorry.

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