Day 3 #30daybloggingchallenge

So it’s day 3 and the question is, a habit I wish I didn’t have…

Well, that’s personal isn’t it? It would probably be biting my nails but I can’t do that anymore since my wisdom teeth came in and buggered up my bite beyond recognition. I can’t make my teeth meet at the front anymore, which ain’t helpful when I’m trying to eat a sandwich I can tell you *mops chin*

Right. Bad habit. Doubting my abilities. I have absolutely zero confidence in myself. I feel like I’m rubbish at everything, that I just coast along never trying. Probably good to do this challenge then – though what’s the betting I don’t finish?! *slaps self*




I’ve somehow managed to get myself nominated for ‘best new blog’ at the MAD Awards 2016 *does small squee* I would LOVE another nomination, if you have a minute.

Tots 100 Awards

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