Day 7 of the #30daybloggingchallenge

Another tricky one today – plans/dreams/goals. 

Right, so I am planning a wedding at the moment. It’s at that inbetween stage where we’ve got the big stuff organised (well I have, other half was given 3 big jobs and funnily enough fuck all has happened with those) but the small stuff is ever looming. 

Dreams. Aren’t I too old for those? I feel too jaded and worn down to have dreams hahaha. I’m dreaming about a house I’ve seen but we can’t afford to move yet. Typical isn’t it? Your dream house pops up 6 months before you are ready to buy. 

Goals. I don’t have any set, but I guess this is a good time to set some – seeing as I’m blogging, I’ll set some blog ones. Let’s have three, seeing as I was so measley with dreams:

  1. Reach 3,000 Twitter followers by the end of May
  2. Get 100 blog followers by the end of May
  3. Switch to self hosted by the end of May so I can start using some sexy plug ins. 

I reckon they sound doable…right?? 



I’ve somehow managed to get myself nominated for ‘best new blog’ at the MAD Awards 2016 *does small squee* I would LOVE another nomination, if you have a minute.

Tots 100 Awards

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