Day 8 #30daybloggingchallenge

Ahaha, share nicknames!

I have a couple actually.

My sister and some family, and some old workmates of mine (at a place where there was already 2 Sarah’s) call me Saffy. Josie (sister) started this back in the 90’s because she though I was like Saffy from AbFab. You know, the boring bookworm kill joy daughter. Cheers Jos. I don’t mind Saffy though, it’s certainly more interesting than Sarah, because we are legion.

I had a very brief nickname at university (which thankfully didn’t stick) of ‘Mosley’. Yes as in Oswald, the facist. Put those eyebrows down, this had nothing to  with my youthful political leanings. Rather I was foolish enough to fall asleep after a night out in my friends room and they all decided it would be really funny to paint my face – I had a red eyebrow and a green eyebrow, an unspeakable body part on one cheek, ‘POO’ written on my nose and a beautiful swastika on my forehead. It was even outlined. The bastards! But anyway, they thought it was highly amusing to call me Mosley for a few weeks after that.

Currently my nickname with the girls is Garf, as in Garfield. Because I’m lazy and I like lasagne. Which is true. It used to be Tornado, because I kick ass at our yearly game of rounders for our friends birthday, but they decided Garf was better.

I preferred Tornado. Makes me sound more awesome than being a fat ginger cat.



I’ve somehow managed to get myself nominated for ‘best new blog’ at the MAD Awards 2016 *does small squee* I would LOVE another nomination, if you have a minute.

Tots 100 Awards

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