Day 9 #30daybloggingchallenge

Wey, day 9! Today’s post is something I crave a lot.

Well! This could get embarrassing!

Not really. I’m not one for cravings (though I was very keen on beetroot when pregnant. Pickled mind, not that nasty fresh stuff)

The only craving I have at the moment is for salt, which is bizarre because I have never liked salt my whole life. I was the kid who threw away the little blue packet of salt from the shake and salt crisps you used to get.

I think I crave it now because I have an underactive thyroid, and part of that can be down to a lack of iodine. Which is part of salt apparently, so there you go! Luckily I have ridiculously low blood pressure (it’s so funny when a new Doctor takes my BP – they always get a slightly worried look and have to listen to my heart with the stethoscope) so I can eat as much as I like pretty much!

I also crave mojhito’s

I’ve somehow managed to get myself nominated for ‘best new blog’ at the MAD Awards 2016 *does small squee* I would LOVE another nomination, if you have a minute.

Tots 100 Awards

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