My favourite foods – Day 11 #30daybloggingchallenge

Well this is another tricky one. I LOVE food. I take an almost equal amount of pleasure from a michelin standard meal as I do a nice bowl of barbecue beef super noodles. If anything I probably prefer the super noodles (and let’s face it I’m hardly hobnobbing at posh restaurants every week!)

Cheese is probably the one food I couldn’t live without. I just have it on everything, with everything. Most of my favourite meals are cheesy – lasagne, pizza, risotto…mmm. Fondue!!!

I also really like crisps. I could eat crisps all day long. 

Condiments wise I’m a bit addicted to Worcestershire sauce. I tend to wang that in everything. Try some in bolognese. Amaze balls. 


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