Where would I most like to live? Day 12 #30daybloggingchallenge

Where would I most like to live, or visit?

Well. Being a Jammy McJammerson, I’m pretty well travelled. I lived abroad as a littlie (in Saudi Arabia) and spent a year of my early twenties (I MISS YOU, TWENTIES!) travelling and then managed to throw in a 7 week jaunt in Africa as well in 2006. Plus the odd normal holiday! I’m actually writing this from Greece….ahem. 

Anyway, where would I like to live? I tend to love everywhere I visit and think to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to live here? But then I always think, no. No where has caught my imagination or heart as much as where I live now, in London. Lovely, grimy, stinky old bird that she is, I adore her. Eleven years now and counting. Him Indoors is pushing for a move out into Essex but I’m clinging on with all my might!

I think the only city I’d consider living in full time aside from the big smoke is New York. Possibly Buenos Aires. I’m about to visit Barcelona, that might get under my skin. Oh and I love Rome. Maybe I could follow the seasons. 

And where would I like to visit? Well! There’s the trans-Siberian express, Alaska, The Maldives…oh, and Paris. I can’t wait for Paris. 


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