#chucklemums Week 1

A hearty welcome to the very first #chucklemums linky, where we shy away from the serious! (Dads welcome too, of course).

The idea is to collect some of the best in hilarious parent blogger posts and put them all in one place so if you are in need of a bit of a laugh, you know where to come.


Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine) & Sarah (Mumzilla) x

This week’s posts!

HOST: WWW : Eight ways to deal with kids on a hangover

HOST: WWW : Ten alternative milestone cards

**HOST** My Little Rembrandt – Mumzilla

**HOST** The Parent Hangover | Mumzilla

Indiatourus Rex & Suitcase of Gloom – RRM

Tears and toddlers at the Taj Mahal – RRM

My Phone Doesn’t Like Uncle Ben’s |

The A-Z of motherhood — Babylists

Who The Hell Is Raisins? – This Mum’s Life

Personal Ad: Blogger Seeks Husband

I am coming back as a Sausage Dog – Petite Pudding

9 Sayings to Show You’re Turning Into Your Parents

Things I wish my baby could understand

11 Tunes From My Parenting Soundtrack |


The Captain Poo Pants guide to poo for new parents

What the dad books don’t tell you


Packing for a mini break threenager style

DAY THIRTY-EIGHT | The Secret Life of The Baby

Things I wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Parent

A Nice Lunch Out. – The Adventures of Beta Mummy

Baking. – The Adventures of Beta Mummy

Nursery Whines: She’ll be Wearing Striped Pyjamas

Pregnant? Urine Trouble! | Accidental Hipster Mum

Top 5 Bug Bears – 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10

Soft Play can be Really Hard Play – Bad Dadu

I’M SO TIRED | Motherhood IRL

Let’s be mummy and daddy – tammymum

Parenting boys is not for the faint hearted!

Ten reasons why Easter is the new Christmas | TM&B

Back to school – the benefits | ToMaternity&Beyond

The Job Description for “love” parentingbynumbers

Bogey remedies! – by Dr Mummykins

I. LOVE. VERRUCAS. – by Dr Mummykins

@attwtwo: The Gruffalo and Other Disappointments


That’s Bonkers: The Ten Funniest Things

Toddler Art – R is for Hoppit

Toddler V Parent Round 2 – Not Just Phoebe

Antics of My 9 Month Old – two tiny hands

My 5 Mummy Confessions – Lace, on Life



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