#Chucklemums Week 5

Welcome back to #chucklemums for week FIVE! We’ve missed you!

So… who won the #PantsAward last time, eh?

After much debate (seriously, lots of hilarious people out there!) we chose:

Life is Knutts for her journey into Toddlerland…a place where anything goes and where no means yes and yes means no.
R is for Hoppit and the Toddler West – how to tell if you have toddler settlers out to claim your house and your property.
Grab your badge below and wear your pants with pride!

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You can go here to see all of the great posts linked up last week.
Posts from previous weeks are all stored HERE.

This week Fran and I have added two posts each.

Firstly, Fran has linked a post dedicated to her love of Baby Wipes and secondly, a post that may not be rip-roaringly hilarious but hopefully you’ll be able to find some humour in the tale of her Holiday from Hell.

I have posted the Inner Monologue Of An Unfit Mother (I’m pretty sure even thinking about going to the gym counts) and What’s a Mummy worth? – with some mercenary maths.

The rules!

Obviously you don’t have to add a post to check out the blog posts, but if you want to add a link then the rules (because there have to be some, we can’t have anarchy!) are as follows:

  • Please add a maximum of two posts to the link up.
  • Posts don’t have to be recent but they must be yours and they must be funny! We know funny is subjective, but this isn’t the place for the tear jerkers or serious analysis (there are plenty of linky’s out there for this kind of thing). If you find your own post funny that is good enough for us!
  • Please make sure you add the linky badge by copying the code below into your post.
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  • No advertising, paid reviews or sponsored posts please.
  • It’d be great if you could leave a comment on the host posts (at the beginning of the linky list). There might be a few but just pick one for each host. We aren’t greedy.
  • Please visit and comment on at least one other post for each post you add. Remember to make your comments meaningful (Great post! is always a bit of a cop-out) and that the more comments you leave, the more love you’ll get back.
  • Sharing is caring – wow that’s cliché – but if you like a post, then Facebook shares, tweets and links on your own blog are all very much appreciated. If you want me to share your posts on my facebook page, give me a like so I know where to find you!
  • Once you’ve added your link, tweet @whingewine and @themumzilla with the hashtag #chucklemums with a link to your post for a retweet.
The link up opens at 7am Tuesday and closes at 9pm so you have plenty of opportunity to get your links up. We aim to get all commenting done by the time we announce the winner of the #PantsAward (which we aim to do on a Friday! It’s always good to have aims).
We hope that you find something that makes you laugh so much that a little bit of wee comes out (and let’s face it ladies, it’s not that hard these days).

Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine) & Sarah (Mumzilla) x

On to the posts! (Please fill in your blog name and/or Twitter handle as well as the title of your post, thanks!)

4 thoughts on “#Chucklemums Week 5

  1. Im not any good at writtingvfunny posts but look forward to reading many of these sure to be hilarious posts and sharing the #triballove

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