Christmas Gift Guide For Husbands

I really wanted to call this post a Christmas Gift Guide for Irritating Husbands,  because mine is one of those annoying people who is really hard to buy for! Mainly because he doesn’t really like ‘things’. When we moved in together I needed a van and he rocked up with one box and a suitcase. He was 30!!

But I suppose other people must have husbands or significant male others who are more like me (I am a magpie who likes little shiny things and things that have pockets or drawers that you can hide little shiny things in) so I can put together a list of what my imaginery-actually-likes-presents husband might like.

Ok well this first one we’ve been sent, so he’s getting it whether he likes it or not – slippers! I get him slippers every year because he always needs new ones.  I’ll have to make sure the dog doesn’t take one of these as her lover this year like last years pair. Even though they are from the ‘Lazy Dog’ slipper company! These ones are ‘Benson Navy Suede Moccasins‘ Ooh er! Love.

Lazy Dog Slippers

If you have a significant other who isn’t that bothered about stuff, then Christmas is an excellent time to buy ‘him’ things that you actually want yourself. This year I have my eye on a kitchen radio, and seeing as he broke the last one, why not this lovely Roberts retro looking beast from John Lewis? All sorts of lovely colours too for £179.

Roberts Revival Radio

Another one of my go to gifts (which also fit me, funnily enough) are lounging pants! My sister actually bought a pair of these from FatFace last year, and they are so cozy and comfortable – as soon as you get home, get the sloppies on! Bliss and they will last for ages – bargain for £35.

FatFace Pajama Bottoms

Another good present is a board game of some sort – we love a Christmas games night! Last year we played Obama Llama and myself and my brother in law nearly died laughing at my sister attempting to mime “Dr Spock looking for cock” I seriously thought my ribs were going to break because I was laughing so hard. I might get him indoors this one this year – looks like it could be another giggle!

Shit Happens Card Game

If you secretly hate your husband maybe you could get him an ‘experience’ like this one – muddy, zip lining, wall climbing hell! Hahaha! Who doesn’t love an extreme assault course?!

Muddy man running an assault course

What are you getting your significant others for Christmas?

Christmas present ideas for husbands and boyfriends!

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