Boys Summer Fashion 2018

I despair of boys clothing choices most of the time. I look at all the beautiful clothes that my friends little girls get to wear and just think – where is all the boys cool stuff? When he was a baby it was all blue bears and it’s not a lot better now – trucks and paw patrol anyone? I usually end up going to the same few shops that I know I’ll get something I’ll like in. With that in mind I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces I’ve bought for this summer.

My first point of call is always GAP. They have amazing sales – I rarely buy anything full price, I wait for the sales and buy next years summer clothes in advance. GAP isn’t worried about using colour on boys clothes, like this awesome stripy t-shirt. 

I also like this shark graphic t-shirt – Rian LOVES sharks and they definitely are a recurring theme at the moment. 

To continue the shark theme I bought him this sun suit top from John Lewis with some vouchers he got for his birthday (he has enough toys!) Yeah it’s blue, but sharks do live in the blue stuff so I’ll forgive it…

I’ve found that if I want colour I have to go to smaller retailers, which can be expensive but it’s hard wearing stuff that you can hand down or even eBay after. How awesome are these shorts from Five Boys Clothing? We still have an awesome tiger t-shirt they sent us last year so I quite often go mooch on their website!

These are all pretty pricey items, so I always bulk out the holiday wear with the brilliant print shirts Primark do. They have some fab Hawaiian shirts in there at the moment and they usually last Rian at least two summers without looking badly fitted.

I am really fussy about the shoes Rian wears – my feet are terrible and I’m sure it’s from not wearing proper (any in fact – long story) shoes when I was little. So usually he wears socks and trainers in the summer, but this year we were sent some wicked sandals from Keen footwear. They sent us boots last year, which have been brilliant so I know these will be too – super supportive and cool. And yeah yeah, blue – but at least I know they’ll match everything else!

2 thoughts on “Boys Summer Fashion 2018

  1. I love boy clothes! And the gripe I always had when my guys were little was how difficult it was to find really nice dress clothes for boys. Manufacturers seemed to enjoy making all the frilly dresses for little girls, and then for boys it was just jeans and shirts.

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