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As any excuse to go shopping is appreciated in this house now I get to go solo and actually browse and try things on rather than haphazardly grabbing things and buying them to the deafening complaints of a pesky boy. It’s actually quite fun now (apart from when arse won’t fit in any trousers at Oasis. Not any…)

The next excuse on the agenda is BritMum’s Live 2016! I’ve sorted out my Moo CardsΒ and now my attention turns to what I might wear!

I actually went last year in a professional capacity, and everyone looked really lovely and were dressed right across the spectrum from casually chic to gloriously dressy. I was impressed, and am quite happy knowing that however I dress this year I’ll fit in.

Most important for me is footwear. I am such a tenderfoot. It might be quite warm by then, so sandals might have to be purchased. I like the look of these Β£40 silver ones from Clarks – they are usually a safe bet for comfort and I like silver!

Clarks Silver SandalsIf by some miracle it IS warm, then I’ll want something cool (in every sense, badum-tish!) I’m not a huge fan of dresses and skirts, especially when your child has a penchant for trying to hide underneath them and thus flashing large crowds with your control pants.

So, to be on the safe side, I absolutely LOVE this jumpsuit from TopShop

TopShop JumpsuitIt’s nice a loose fit, it’s a lovely colour – I bet it’s super comfy. Will deffo be trying this one on!

If the weather isn’t warm (98.5% chance based on all the summers ever since 2001) then I’ll probably go for my staple look of ankle boots, skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt . Seeing as it’s a special occasion though, I thought I could smarten up the look with a little blazer – this one from Zara is fab:

Zara Jacket

I’ll have to do a handbag post at some point as well – there’ll be a multitude of things I’ll need in there!

What will you be wearing?

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14 thoughts on “BritMum’s Outfit Wishlist

    1. I will inevitably rock up in skanky jeans and smelly trainers. This was just a good excuse to look at pretty things!

  1. Right that is it! I need to get a new outfit. Also great idea for a post πŸ™‚ I am loving the jumpsuit but will it be easy to go to the loo in? I have one that I love and might wear actually but it involves me asking strangers to unzip me or dragging friends to the loo.

    1. I’ve got one like that!!! I thought this one looked like it would slip down/off pretty easily. I shall have to try it on! πŸ˜€

  2. Argh I definitely need a new outfit! I love the jumpsuit and the sandals too…I think I’m going to go down the casual route and try to somehow be chic in the process πŸ˜‰ looking forward to meeting everyone xx #triballove

  3. The jacket is lovely – I have one similar in colour and cut and its so handy. Also, am loving jumpsuits even though I never thought I would be at all! And silver shoes are an absolute must, they go with everything.

  4. That jacket is fab and would look amazing with a plain top and skinny jeans! I’m not going this year (well I’ve never been as only been blogging for coming up to 11 months) and feel like I should but I think I’ve left it to the last minute plus can’t really afford it at the moment!

    Anyway, thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky.

    Laura x

  5. I’ve been meaning to put a wish list together for BML but just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m sure you’ll look fab regardless! #thewishlistlinky xx

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