BritMums Survival Kit

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Britmums. Last time was a work trip – I was there to scout for disability bloggers. I didn’t find any, but I did have a great time playing games, chatting to sponsors and attending the speeches. I even won a prize!

This year I am going as a fully fledged blogger, and as such, I need a survival kit!

So, what will be in my BritMums Survival Kit?

Survival KitSo, first thing’s first:

Nurofen. I’m going to the Friday night drinks so I might need these in case I, ahem, have an accidental headache.

Blister plasters. There’s a fair bit of traipsing and standing around, and I have very delicate feet. Be prepared!

Chewing gum. Because.

Deoderant. See above.

Dry shampoo. I remember it being warm last year, and I want to stay til the awards and beyond, so hair will have no doubt gone mad by the end of the day and be in need of a few spritzes.

Hairbrush. See above. This one also has a mirror – excellent for checking the next item.

Red lipstick – essential for putting on a brave face when you are nervous as hell about meeting the people you have been chatting to for months. I will probably chuck a lipsalve in as well, much as I love my MAC I find it rather drying!

Charger pack. I will no doubt be taking loads of pictures and tweeting and instagramming like mad – I’ll need more juice for sure! I’m tempted to get two…

Notepad & pen. For taking notes and details. I would have got a jazzy pen, but let’s face it, if it’s not Bic it’s a bit crap!

I also mustn’t forget my Moo Cards!

Are you going to BritMums? See you there!

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11 thoughts on “BritMums Survival Kit

  1. Have fun. Drink loads for me. Or not, don’t get hungover, too much!! I’ll be living through you all, sat at home with my PJs! ❤️

  2. Oh god I have no charger pack, and my phone runs out of battery so easily! Must also find a biggish handbag I’m usually one for a small bag. Please musnt forget the massive holdall! Can’t wait to meet you. Claire x

  3. I am so disorganised – although I did buy a phone battery pack, so am sorted on that front.
    Not going out on Fri night so hoping not to have a massive hangover on sat…not sure the same can be said for sun though…! 😉

  4. Have a fab time I’ll be there in spirit and there for sure next year, have an amazing time can’t wait to see all the pics and to hear all about all the shenanigans


  5. Oh ye gods! You are super organised. I am just going to follow you around all day. I had never even thought about dry shampoo – eeks. Good point about deodorant etc. Will now make sure that I pack those. Also I am hoping that they will give pens out as I only have my daughter’s multi-coloured pen :-/

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