Creating a Bespoke Scent With The Perfume Studio

What’s your favourite perfume? Or maybe you’re like me and don’t tend to wear perfume at all. I don’t actually like perfume that much generally – I’ve never found one that I really liked and I have a sensitive nose! So I was keen to try and make my own at The Perfume Studio event I was invited to last week by

Bottles of Scent from The Perfume Studio

After a welcome glass of fizz we set to with sniffing 21 separate types of scent. Perfumes are usually made up of three layers of different scent, a base a middle and a top note. We started off testing five different ‘base’ scents. These are the sorts of smells that linger on your clothes for ages after you’ve worn them – that scarf that you haven’t needed since last winter that still smells lovely – that’s the base note of your favourite perfume.

We were all given cards to make notes of which scents we liked the best, and made piles of the little sticks that were passed around that we liked the best. We then wafted them about together to see how the scents blended together. It’s so clever, you can bend the cards towards and away from you to judge how more or less of that particular scent will affect the overall perfume. You can match up as many as you like too.

Fragrance notes from The Perfume Studio

I found myself liking the fresh scents with a small tone of fruit and citrus and ozone. The resulting perfume is light, which is perfect for me as it’s not overpowering.

Scent cards

There are different packages you can buy for these events (which take place all over the country and you can see at which mean you get different size sample of your perfume to take home with you. We got 20ml in a lovely atomiser. The pens have little perfume sprays in them too – Jametta Bond anyone?


I think the best thing about creating your own scent with The Perfume Studio is you get to register it on their database and order more of your very own perfume whenever you run out!

You can also buy packs that contain a range of the scents so you can mix your own at home – so you can choose ‘fresh’ or ‘citrus’ etc! I’m giving away one of these boxes in a competition right here on the blog today. I love my perfume, and you can make your own to – choose from any of the £49 fragrance options! Usual T&C’s apply and UK only.

Perfume Studio gift set

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