A Fathers Day Gift List For Every Budget

You may have noticed in the shops that it’s nearly Father’s Day. Yay (not).

I’m not very good with this particular ‘holiday’, namely because my own (tight-arse) Dad always saw it as a twee Hallmark-inspired day of getting you to waste money on crap that says “Best Daddy!” etc.

However, I have come to the conclusion, that as a proper feminist, Father’s should also have a special day, and that I should perhaps think about it (and ignore the fact that Him Indoors usually forgets Mother’s Day) Basically any excuse to buy presents is a good one in my book.

So I have come up with a gift list to suit any budget, from pennies to mega bucks – who doesn’t like to imagine they have mega bucks occasionally?!

So, starting with the smaller budget – did you know that Poundland has a website? And that it DELIVERS?! Obviously there is a delivery charge, but it’s only £4 and everything else is still…well, a pound!

beer crate

I do actually quite like this beer crate! There are other matching items you could get from this range as well, including beer glasses and the like.

Moving up a budget, I always head straight to Not On The High Street. I love this website and could spend hours browsing. I set the budget slider to £15, and this is the first thing that caught my eye – a lovely personalised key ring!


You choose the personalisation, and set the dates. There are various options, including type of wood, gift packaging and quicker delivery. Delivery is actually really quick, only a couple of days so there’s still time to get one! I always like gifts that you can get a good use out of.

Another good gift site is Unusual Gifts. Quite a few of them aren’t actually unusual at all, but they are perfectly lovely like this little manicure (MANicure?) set from Ted Baker for £30 plus £5 delivery, isn’t it cute?

manicure set

If I have a bigger budget for a present I always head for John Lewis. If the Daddy in your life is a fitness buff, or just loves a gadget, then an activity monitor is always a sure winner. Though you may catch them hopping around the kitchen trying to get their ten thousand steps in before bed time.

jawboneThis is the jawbone, which I think looks nicer than the fitbit. This one is £89.95 plus £3.50 delivery.

Personally I wouldn’t want to ever pay more than that for a present – especially if it’s not a birthday or Christmas present, but just for a giggle I decided to have a snoop at what the Made In Chelsea Daddy-Darlings might be expecting from their awful offspring this year.

Maybe they would like to smell like the Almalfi coastline? Only £625 a bottle, what a bargain!

CreedOr a new bag for work? This Burberry one is a snip at £1665!!!


Apparently it’s “exquisitely textured”…..

Whatever your budget, Happy Father’s Day to all those who deserve the title! Just remember the really important day yeah? 😀

P.S I also did a review of a sugru starter kit which was only a tenner – if the man in your life is a fix-it geek like me then you might want to check it out!


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34 thoughts on “A Fathers Day Gift List For Every Budget

  1. Oh my goodness I did not know pound store delivered – amazing! Why is it that the gift I want to give is that bag – HOW MUCH?!? No, I will settle for the beer crate 🙂 x

  2. I’ve just been paid, so I’ve been thinking about getting my dad a little something, a Ferrari maybe? Nothing to flashy or ostentatious 😉 xxx #TribalLove

    1. Hahaha, I’m sure he’ll be delighted with a mug and a pair of socks like everyone else’s Dad! xx

  3. Aww I’m a notonthhighstreet fan too! Love those keyrings – love everything they do – will obviously check them out but only if the Burberry bag is out of stock of course!! #triballove x

  4. I can’t believe that poundland has a website, amazing! I do love notonthehighstreet, it has some really great, unusual gifts on there. I was thinking of getting Jess either a craft beer subscription or something to do with spicy food. Those are his favourite things. #triballove

  5. I didn’t know Poundland had a website and did delivery – that’s worth knowing! Not sure my budget will stretch to the Burberry bag – personalised gifts always go down well here. I’ve done a DVD with photo slideshows and video clips of the girls set to nice music which has always gone down well in the past and as I haven’t done it for a while, I might repeat that one! 🙂 #triballove

  6. This makes me want to buy all of those (until I look at my bank balance & bring myself back down to earth!) Really like the beer crate though…perfect for BBQS…and thinking I could fill it with different beers & wrap it all up like a hamper? Great finds!x

  7. My husband is getting hair clippers – a useful present which he’s asked for! I could spend hours browsing for gifts. There are some great ideas here. #BloggerClubUK

  8. I love notonthehighstreet – those keyrings are a lovely present, I really like their personalised stuff but as you say, you have to make sure the price slider is on the right budget! I’m sure the beer crate would be a winner 😉 #triballove #bloggerclubuk

  9. These are nice ideas! However the hubs is getting a photo book (I put together as a review) this year and something made with hand prints from the kiddos. Maybe when I get paid for reviews he will get something nicer…hahaha

  10. Fab list, I love the key ring. I like the fact its personalized but it’s also something you can actually use. I can’t believe there’s a bottle of aftershave that costs £625! It’s beyond belief that anyone would pay that!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  11. What a brilliant list. Personally I love the Beer Stash and Keyring – great ideas. Well spotted! I can see those going down very well with the dad’s. I am going to investigate. Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS. Lovely to have you here and hope you can come back again next Sunday. Nicky x

  12. In my head I am totally ordering the Burberry bag! My purse will only open as far as Poundland though, i think I want that beer crate myself. Fab picks especially the keyring I love that #kcacols

  13. Great ideas, poundland is like, amazing! I also popped in there and got a load of large fluorescent card stars and the boys are going to write nice stuff on them and things like I will be good for 10 whole minutes (as if!)

    mainy x


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