Lighting Ideas From The Ideal Home Show

I LOVE going to shows. I’ve been to the Good Food one, and the BETT show with work, but this was the first time I’ve managed to get to the Ideal Home Show. Hence the excited face standing in a big model tin of paint outside raring to get exploring.

We are in the middle of decorating our house (it’s taking a while…) to our tastes. Luckily it didn’t need any structural work, but it was a bit beige. We’ve gone for aqua shades for a lot of downstairs and in the hallways, and now that’s done I’m on the lookout for new lighting and pictures and things.

I was clever enough to take my camera along to the show to record my ideas, but alas for the most part, I was too stupid to make note of the companies whose products I was taking pictures of. So sorry if you like any of these and I’ve forgotten who made them. Ahem.

Anyway, lighting! Oh so many lovely lights!

Look at these glorious wooden shades from MacMaster – aren’t they clever? Completely won’t go with anything I own, but love!

I also spent a lot of time gazing at these shades – they are made from shell believe it or not! Completely lovely when lit or when just hanging about.

Now these ones I can see myself buying – they have lovely pinky undertones which I’m picturing will be perfect for our bedroom when we turn our attention there. They are from Furnish Your Home, who also had lots of other lovely things on display.

I also liked these zebra style floor lamps – again, I don’t think I could fit one in my house style wise but it certainly gave me lots of ideas about how to style it in other houses. Not really the point of me being there but still enjoyable musing!

I wasn’t just looking at the lighting either. Mr friend was very tempted to break her credit card on a £4,000 sauna box (it was amazing!) and we also had to pull ourselves away from the super shiny and almost irresistible SMEG stall! I mean, look at this toaster!! Want!! Such a great colour. Stupid boring perfectly adequate chrome toaster.

We were also both lusting after some of the statement chairs we spotted. This beauty comes in all sorts of different velvety shades. I liked his little golden feet. Must resist giving dining chairs little golden feet.

I think my favourite thing at the show (apart from the frickin’ amazing burrito I had for lunch/got all over my face) was the rooms that had been set up as showcases. Look at this bed! I really need to learn how to style a bed. I’ve tried buying cushions and things but they still look rubbish. I should probably start by ironing the sheets. Hahaha! Also in love with the ombre radiator. Again, must resist DIY urges with regard to ombre-ing radiators.

And how’s this one for bathroom goals? Can you imagine? You’d feel like a Geisha Queen every time you had a bath. Which would be twice a day because LOOK!

Ah, wouldn’t it be lovely.

As you can probably tell we had a super day mooching around and nosing at things. I managed to resist buying the magic pans for only-£180-today-only. We sat on all the chairs and laid on the old people recliner beds. We also wobbled significantly on the wobbly board things and bought eyebrow stencils – such good fun. Can’t wait for next years!

3 thoughts on “Lighting Ideas From The Ideal Home Show

  1. omg! that bath!!!
    We’re doing our bedroom at the moment and i can’t stop looking at lights – so many beautiful ones

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