New Room Theme for my five year old

We are planning on moving house soon, and when we do, the boy will get a new room – and that means I can plan a new room theme!

This is the boys current room. I love it – it’s colourful, it’s light (more on that later!) and it’s welcoming. I love all the IKEA furniture we have. There’s just one issue – the boy doesn’t like it! I don’t know if it’s because he just won’t play on his own, or if the room just isn’t him. I’ll admit he wasn’t involved in the planning process!

The rug is from a friend who bought it for Rian when he was born – I don’t think it’s actually meant to be a rug, but I’ve always used it as one. It’s probably not very five year old boy though is it?  The TeePee (which I LOVE!) is from a place I can’t remember, annoyingly.

He’s currently in this toddler bed from IKEA – I fear he will be too big for it soon! The rest of his furniture is also IKEA from the STUVA range.

But, he is getting bigger. And when we move I want him to have a room that’s a bit more…boy I guess, rather than toddler *sobs*

One of the main things of course is the bed. I was happy with IKEA when he was tiny, because why spend loads on something he’d grow out of? And it is hard-wearing enough to withstand the CONSTANT JUMPING for at least a few years! But I want the next bed to really last, and also to withstand the no doubt CONSTANT JUMPING.

I really love the Great Little Trading Company – and I love this Paddington bed with the den underneath, which would replace the teepee (which isn’t played with any more!)

Paddington Bed Reece Cabin bedThis one has a slide out desk, which appeals to every geeky furniture space saving device fibre in my body. Love! Not to even mention the built in bookshelf *heart shaped eyes*

The boy would probably want some say in his next room, and I’m pretty sure that say will mainly involve Star Wars, West Ham, Star Wars, Lego…and did I mention Star Wars? They’ve been banned from playing it at school apparently (some game, not the movie) so it’s forbidden fruit at the moment and even more beguiling as a result.

This lamp has made me laugh more than I probably should have (I’m such a child)

lampIsn’t it cute?! And it’s only £16.95 bargain.

And if we had a roof attic room (dream house mode!) then these Star Wars VELUX blinds would be amazing! They’re also blackout, which would be great in the summer (see above – nice light room = 6am wake up calls!!)

VELUX blind

I’m also just a little bit in love with this wall decal. *Sigh*

Wall decorWhat do you think should go in the dream room of a Star Wars mad five year old?




*this is a sponsored post* *my first one* *small amount of excitement generated here*



14 thoughts on “New Room Theme for my five year old

  1. I LOVE that Star Wars blind…can you tell that I am a big Star Wars Fan myself? Would love that Harrison Ford poster on my wall. The Paddington Bed looks awesome as well. I bought a similar one for my kid except it has a second bed underneath it as well. I have always liked these multipurpose bed systems, very useful for maximising space. #triballove

    1. I do too! I need to buy a house with a roof room so I can get me one! I mean Rian one. Ahem. And the bed is ace. As long as I can tie him into it somehow.

  2. Oh my god my husband would love that blind! Actually maybe I would a bit too. You also meed to have a cut out of Luke Skywalker. Have you seen the instagram feed me and Luke Skywalker. I love it!

  3. I love IKEA but can understand why you want something more sturdy. We are trying to figure out what to do with ours as well transitioning fro nursery to toddler. I plan on going with whatever theme he pick (will probably thomas train or batman). I say go with the star wars especially at a time when there is so much stuff atound since they just came out with the new one. It all looks great and love the all in one bed situation. #triballove

      1. The theme things is a toughie!! We’ve hd the Scion Mr Fox Wallpaper ( in our LO’s room, but now I’m struggling to find bits & bobs to go with it. And I really like the monochrome look, which doesn’t really fit. Kids rooms are the hardest, I think!!

        1. Yes definitely. I’m probably going to go for plain surfaces and then add things that can be removed as he grows up, like wall stickers, pictures etc…

  4. Well I think his current room is lovely! 😉

    I’m not a big fan of heavily themed rooms, as I think there’s too much potential for the kids to change their mind a few months later. However, my oldest boy would LOVE the Star Wars theme, and that lamp is too cool! I have velux windows in my room, I had no idea they did interesting blinds like that!

    1. They’re cool aren’t they? I would only get themed things you could remove – and come on, that lamp is a classic! 😀 xx

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