Our Living Room Makeover

I wrote a while ago about my thoughts on a new living room makeover. Like, nearly a year ago! Anyway…it’s finished! We have a finished room that we can sit in and relax. So I thought I’d share the finished article!

This is how the room looked when we viewed the house:

Lovely, but quite formal. We wanted something cosier and brighter. What do you think?

We decided to have shelves and cupboards built in and then promptly bought furniture to shove up against them because we’re rebels like that. I was annoyed with myself at first, and I didn’t think it worked but now I like it. Feels snuggly.

This gorgeous mustard velvet chair is from the DFS capsule collection.  The room was very blue (well, Theresa’s Green by Farrow and Ball, but it looks kinda blue) so I wanted a brighter accent colour and I love mustard.

 We matched the chair with some smaller cushions and the colour pops in the curtains as well. The fabric is Margo Selby Domino in Duck Egg/Pale Chartreuse and it really pulls everything together. The curtains were the last thing to go up because there was a delay in production, but they were worth the wait!

The TV cabinet was an inspired find by the husband. We ummed and arghed over loads. Who knew there were so many TV cabinets? It’s from Graham & Green and the lovely rug being styled by the smelly dog determined to make sweet sweet love to said rug is from John Lewis. The furniture makes the room an odd shape, so a wavy edged rug helps add to the organised chaos.

We got our sofas from Loaf, the Jonesy range. They are super comfy but they are also mega annoying – I have to plump the cushions all the time and every bit of muck seems to stick to them (they do have a good insurance policy at least – good for when the camera hogging mutt who snuck into yet another picture decides to wreak havoc) I’m not sure they were worth the money to be fair, but they do look nice!

We are still buying bits and bobs to finish it off properly. We also got this lamp from John Lewis, I love the liberty print. I also love John Lewis – if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse it’s my go to safe zone. No brain sucking fiend would dare besmirch John Lewis.

We’re also working on our record collection!

Well it only took a year to get done – what do you think?

A Living Room Makeover

10 thoughts on “Our Living Room Makeover

  1. What a wonderful, welcoming space! (I’m also laughing as my post this week is about my new living room and has the same title!)

  2. I absolutely love this. I was only saying to friends the other day that I need to sort out my living room. I will definitely be taking tips from this

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