Shoes, Glorious/(evil) Shoes!

I have a love hate relationship with shoes. I love them, they hate me. They hurt me. In revenge I make them live in the back of my cupboard for eternity (or until guilt drives me to donate them to the charity shops)

I spent the first four years of my life in a very hot country, where I either wore flip flops or nothing on my feet. I’m pretty sure this is why my feet, although small, are rather flat. Almost square in fact. Stupid little trotters.

So I struggle to find shoes that fit, or that are comfy. I usually end up with blisters on my blisters, and wearing the same pairs of shoes until they fall off my feet. Like these.

special shoesMy so-called (by house mates) “special shoes” which I wore everyday for about three years. I still miss them.

BUT (as I *may* have mentioned) I am getting married in a few months, which means I will have to go shoe shopping…gulp.

In an ideal world, where I had normal sized made of steel feet like other women (and bags of cash) I would want a pair of these beautiful Rachel Simpson peep toes heels.

Rachel Simpson

Aren’t they just gorgeous? But the backs would kill me, and I’m too much of a coward to try that “breaking them in” malarkey!

I also covet this beautiful blue pair by the same designer. But again, I has the fear!


I also like these little lacy ones – surely they wouldn’t be too painful? But then I don’t have any other lace going on…grrr…also I am the same height as husband-to-be and don’t want to tower over him. Maybe flats!!


Lovely, lovely, lovely flats. One of my (many, don’t ask) bridesmaids has informed me that I should wear heels to – and I quote – “make you look like you’ve actually got an arse” Ah yes. Well. Unfortunately my lumps n bumps don’t really include a booty, and I’m not sure heels would generate one as if by magic, so I’ll ignore that…flats!


Look at these little beauties! Unfortunately I can’t actually find where they are from or if they really actually exist because I found them on pinterest and they have been repinned so many times I don’t know where they came from originally. Humph.

These are also nice and summery!


Another Pinterest find (no, I’m not obsessed with Pinterest) (OK I am) so no idea where they are from or anything, but a cute look no? And I don’t do bling usually but I might make an exception for these.

I should probably stop kidding myself though – I’m wearing a pouffy floor length dress (yeah I was shocked too) so I may as well just wear trainers…check these bad boys out! Winning!

trainer bling


Mummy Lala

16 thoughts on “Shoes, Glorious/(evil) Shoes!

  1. Ah shoes, how I love thee. Especially those blue ones. To be honest, I’m not one for the White wedding shoes, but then maybe I’d change my mind if I ever actually got married. Why not wear the trainers though? You’ll be on your feet all day, so better to be in something that makes you comfortable! #tribe

    1. Yes my idea exactly! My Mum wasn’t impressed though. Maybe I will wear heels for ceremony bit and then change into flats for the debauchery. Dancing! I mean dancing. Ahem.

  2. Ooooh shoes! The title of this drew me in 😉 Rachel Simpson shoes are gorgeous. I got my shoes from Perdita’s Wedding Shoes cos you can choose your heel and the decoration separately – they do nice flatties too. Good luck with the planning.

  3. You should absolutely wear flats and those trainers are fab. Just think you’re going to be on your feet most of the day so make it comfortable!!! I few brides I know have worn a pair of Converse. But like you’ve mentioned in reply to someone else, you could wear heels for the ceremony and the flats for later in the day. I’ve seen so many shoes I love on Pinterest but can never blinking find where they are originally from!

    Thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky.

    Laura x

    1. I think I will do that just to keep mother quiet. Once she’s sufficiently drunken I’ll switch to trainers!!

  4. Those blue ones are absolutely beautiful..but heels are just torture really aren’t they? I’ve given up on them now. Just seem to always end up sticking my bum out when I walk in them which kind of ruins any look I might be going for!

  5. OMG I love shopping and there is NOTHING more exciting than shopping for the BIG day! I love Rachel Simpson. I’d buy them just to look at!

    I think those shoes came from an online shop in China They’re handmade so you could totes get some made.

    Or check our ebay, my mate got her whole wedding outfit off ebay, all sent from China

    Don’t let comfort get in the way, there are so many glamourous flat options
    Like these!

    Or these!

    Or these!

    This comment it so going to SPAM with all this links. I just really like shopping *blushes*

  6. Haha I love this post! I have spent the last year in my very grubby trainers, but like you would love a pair of heels. I actually can’t walk in heels anymore and fall over 😉 I think the way forward is stylish trainers! xx #triballove

  7. I wore flats – then kicked them off for dancing! By the end of the night my feet were black – sexy! I’m not really a shoes gal though to be honest – I live in Toms from April-September. I do adore those blue ones tho!

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