A Space Theme Room – My Statement Wall Project

We finally bought our first home. It’s only taken us a baby and a wedding to get through first, and as said baby is actually six now, I thought he should get his room decorated first – we’ve never been able to do that for him before as we’ve been in rented houses and they don’t tend to like it if you go mad with a paint brush. Rian told me that he wanted a space theme room, so that’s what he got!

I had a pretty blank slate to start with – the whole house is pretty blandly decorated which is good because it looks fine as it is and we aren’t desperate to redecorate (well, I am, but my husband doesn’t trust my judgement so I’m just going to do it all when he’s away for work hahah!) As you can see, not a very fun room for an imaginative little boy!

space theme room

Although it’s a good sized room, I thought that using a dark colour might be too much for all the walls, so I decided to just do the ones around the bed. I chose Farrow & Ball Pitch Blue as a colour, I thought it looked a nice blue-purple online – very night sky. It went on very well – I had a crisis of confidence at one point and couldn’t decided whether or not to continue around the corner and over the sink!

Farrow & Ball Pitch Blue

I decided I would – despite the awkwardness of squeezing in and around the taps and sink with a paintbrush! I was so pleased I did – all of this needed two coats, but I only used half  2.5l tin of paint. I think it cost about £42 for the tin, which is quite pricey but for £20 worth of paint, how gorgeous is the resulting colour? I love it!

Farrow & Ball Space Theme

And pretty neat, hey? In your FACE doubting husband! I want to use the rest of the tin to do the little downstairs loo but he’s up in arms as he thinks a dark space needs white paint. He has no vision, it would be totally luxe! Keep your eyes peeled for that little project haha!

To make the room space themed, the easiest option for me was to look for some rocket wall stickers, and these Starry Sky Space Rockets ones from Babatude were perfect as they should last for ages and they can be peeled off and replaced (which was useful as I let Rian help me stick the stars up – obviously I had to do some replacements…ahem) They shouldn’t peel off, and most importantly, they shouldn’t damage that gorgeous paint!

Starry Sky Space Rockets

There’s a good amount of stickers and they have other matching sets as well if you wanted to do a whole room. We used all of them on the two wall sections and I think it is a really well balanced result. What do you think? I certainly have a very happy little boy now!

Space Theme Room

Space Theme Room

Space Theme Room

I finished off the look with this set of bed sheets from IKEA – I spotted that the reverse was just stars (the other side has a city scape, which will look good too, but I like the starry side) The cushion was a Christmas present from a few years back made by a friends clever Mum, doesn’t it fit well!

I’m going to be decorating my study next…I think I’ve caught the bug! This whole project took less than 24 hours and cost me £183 – the wall stickers are £125, which was steep, but I know they will last and I can probably pass them on too.

I’d love to know what you think – and especially whether you think the colour would look good in a small bathroom too…?

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