The Canterville Ghost By The London Children’s Ballet

I’ve often wondered how I can get Rian to be more interested in culture and all the wonderful experiences you can gain from an interest in it. So when the London Children’s Ballet asked me if I would be interested in doing a review I think my initial thoughts were ‘hell yeah!’

It took some minor threats to make my husband not put Rian off going. He did ask me if it was ‘for girls’ and he was definitely not as keen as I was – but I think I managed to keep him fairly open minded about the experience, which was all I wanted really – because I knew he would enjoy it if he wasn’t fettered by any silly assumptions. And he did!

We took friends along to see the show, and everyone was enthralled from the outset. The orchestra was definitely a talking point! I wish this was a better picture, but it was a bit dark. You’ll be pleased to hear the rest of the pictures are proper ones taken by professionals.

The show – The Canterville Ghost – is based on a story by Oscar Wilde. A murder in the 16th Century results in the perpetrator – Sir Simon Canterville – being chained up in the basement and left to die, and doomed to haunt the house until an innocent girl prays for his soul. Centuries of failure – and hauntings – pass, and the bitter ghost has given up on any form of redemption until the arrival of the Otis family, and their daughter Virginia. Obviously Virginia is to be the saviour of Sir Simon, but en route there is hilarity and romance as the American family make an impression, torment the poor Ghost in his attempts at scaring them silly and finish up with a wedding!

The show was absolutely brilliant. It’s incredible that these performers are all aged between 9 and 16 – it was easy to forget their ages! The stand out performers for us we without a doubt ‘that naughty Ghost’ and the Naughty Twins, indefatigable younger sisters of Virginia who run riot and steal every scene they are in.


London Children’s Ballet – The Canterville Ghost at Jet Studios, Fulham, London on January 21 2018. Photo: Amber Hunt

I was so pleased that Rian enjoyed it – in your face Daddy, who said he would be bored witless and wanting to leave within 10 minutes. He was completely enthralled start to finish. If you are keen on your kids having an education in all things lovely, then one of these shows is a must. A 10/10 from us!

The Canterville Ghost by the London Children’s Ballet


The Canterville Ghost by the London Children’s Ballet

This show is part of the Family Arts Campaign which is currently running their “Fantastic for Families” program, which encourages all members of the family to discover and experience events within arts and culture, such as theatre, dance, museums and more.

9 thoughts on “The Canterville Ghost By The London Children’s Ballet

  1. I just love that they were all kids though! Ballet for kids! It’s a wonderful way to help kids with culture and I love the Canterbury Ghost! One of my favorites!

  2. As a child I learnt ballet and would happily share my love of dance with my girls. The only reservation I’d have here was to question whether the story was too scary for little ones

  3. Oh wow this looks amazing! I took my daughter to see her first ballet last year, we were lucky enough to be able to see the dress rehearsal of Copellia with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. She loved it! I am definitely going to check this one out though…it would be a lovely day out for us!

  4. If you start them young, they will enjoy it without any preconceived notions! I am so happy you took him and he loved it! Gender has nothing to do with enjoyment! Bravo, momma! xoxo

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