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I didn’t really write much about our wedding here on the blog, and it was nearly 6 months ago now – where did that time go? I guess I needed a break from all the organising and stress and nightmares haha! However, enough time has passed for the worries to be forgotten and the happy memories to be basked in – and I have our photo’s! So I thought I would post some wedding diaries, about the day and the various elements of it – starting with our flowers!

I think our florist was delighted when I turned up – I wanted flowers EVERYWHERE. I love them, I think they are so beautiful and so evocative at weddings. Our colour theme was pink and dove grey, and I asked for avalanche roses as the main bloom (so I’m assuming they were!) As well as the usual flowers in the bouquet and button holes we had flower crowns and combs, pomanders and pedestals, and the most glorious birdcage centrepieces overflowing with gorgeousness. I don’t know enough about flowers to tell you precisely what was in them, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

After the wedding we donated them all to the local hospice, where I hope they continued to bring the pleasure they brought us on the day as long as they lasted.

flower combs

Some of the bridesmaids wanted flower combs rather than full on crowns. My sister’s excuse was that she has a pea head and thought the crown would look silly haha.

Bridesmaids Flowers

I didn’t want to get full bouquet for the girls, but I wanted something for them to hold, so a single rose with a spray of baby’s breath was perfect.


For the little bridesmaids I went for these gorgeous pomanders which were strung on pink ribbons – I fear they were rather raggedy by the end of the day!

Button Holes

Everyone and their dog wanted a buttonhole for the day – these were the ushers.

Rian had to have his own little buttonhole – he was very pleased with it!

Bridal Flower Crown

My flower crown smelt amazing – everytime someone hugged me and scrunched it the smell of the leaves (I want to say myrtle?) was released – I didn’t need perfume!

Bridal Bouquet

I loved that my bouquet was wild, not prim and constrained. I think flowers should be all over the place, free and expressive. I told the florist to use her imagination, and I was so pleased with the results.

Grooms Button Hole

Wedding Pedestal

We had these pedestals down at the ceremony before the florist brought them back up to put in the entrance to the marquee.

Wedding Flowers Birdcage Table Centrepiece

I loved these centrepieces – I think the romance of the open birdcage and the explosion of flowers was perfect for our wedding.

Wedding Flower Curtain

This flower curtain formed the back drop for the table with our guest book in the entrance to the marquee. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Our wedding photographer was Jason Mark Harris and our amazing florist was Nic of Flowers By Nic – The Floral Boutique on the Isle of Wight.

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  1. That’s so sweet that you donated them to a hospice afterwards. They’re absolutely gorgeous flowers I love the blush pinks and creams mixed with the green such a romantic combination

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