Are Wedding Gift Lists Rude?

Are Wedding Gift Lists Rude?

I may not have mentioned it too much, as my head is firmly buried in the ignoring-all-the-organising sand, but I am getting married in August.


Right, now that’s out of the way, you can expect a few wedding-y posts.

The first one raises the tricky subject of the Gift List. We feel a bit wary over the whole idea of presents, because we are getting married on the Isle of Wight, which might as well be abroad it’s such a hassle to get to and get accommodation on at that time of year (we set the date because it falls on our 7th anniversary of meeting. It also happens to be the bank holiday weekend when six thousand feckin’ Mods descend on the Island with their chicken chasing scooters) It feels a bit cheeky asking for a honeymoon contribution or having a gift list when people are paying out to attend.

Everyone I have mentioned this to though has essentially said, don’t be a dick, unless you want 45 sets of comedy tea towels and a porcelain duck trio, you need to do a gift list. You can say it’s not obligatory as presence is enough of a gift, but at least if you DO get a present you know you will like it and it will fit in your house.

Having lived together for 6 years, Him Indoors and myself (mainly myself, when we first moved in he had a suitcase and two boxes and I had a van) have got lots of house stuff. He doesn’t think we need anything. I however, after perusing John Lewis, have decided we could squeeze in a few more bits!

I’ve deliberately gone for a range of prices, nothing higher than £50, and most things around the £20 because I think that’s a figure I’d be happy with if I was travelling to a wedding but still wanted to bring a gift. It’s a lot less than Mark has always given as a gift regardless of destination so I don’t feel too guilty about it. I think I would always bring a gift to any wedding as well.

Here are a few of my favourite bits that I’ve got my fingers crossed for!

Rome Print, wedding gift list

This print of Rome is £10. I wonder if anyone will pick up on the significance – Rome is where we got engaged last year, so this is fun and a lovely reminder.

photoframe wedding gift listThis Umbra Prisma photoframe is £17.50 and I think it’s a bit different, and quite lovely – fab for a wedding photo!

cushion wedding gift list

This Scion Mini Mr Fox cushion is so cute and would go with the grey theme in the spare room (I’m a bit obsessed with grey!) It’s £25, so not too expensive.

chopping boards wedding gift listThis is one of the few more pricey ones at £45, which I would never actually expect, but would do a massive “yippee!” if we did get, because as anyone who’s read my 5 Favourite Things challenge will know, I’m utterly addicted to all things Joseph Joseph!

Did you have a Wedding Gift List when you got married, or would you have one? Do you think they are cheeky, or would you expect to bring a gift to a wedding?

11 thoughts on “Are Wedding Gift Lists Rude?

  1. I think your list is just how a list should be, the gifts are of reasonable price , which I find some couples completely opt to not even consider. And, you didn’t just ask for cash, which kinda bothers me too! Congratulations, and good luck, don’t stress the wedding, just make sure you and your hubby to be are happy with it all!

    1. Thank you! No would never ask for money, would rather have something to keep and use if people do want to get us something 🙂

  2. I love that photo frame – having a list helps because 1. I am crap at buying presents
    2. I am crap at buying presents!
    The price range is reasonable I’m going to the Caribbean for a wedding and they are getting a card. That’s it – I swear lol x

  3. I get what you mean but you definitely need a gift list! Just for those people that insist on buying you something. I’m also obsessed with joseph joseph love everything

  4. We didn’t have a gift list as I think it’s a bit cheeky asking for high value items. Yours is really affordable though so that’s a good choice. It’s when people ask for £200 coffee machines and stuff that you might object. We just said if people wanted to get us something to get John Lewis vouchers…and we treated ourselves to a Dyson… oh how exciting!!

  5. We had a list, but only because people nagged us to get one! It was literally just a notebook with pages in that people could look at if they wanted to though. 🙂 Never formally registered with anywhere as couldn’t be doing with all that faff! I was of the opinion if we get a present, that’s all well and lovely, if we don’t, then that’s fine as well. As long as you were at the wedding celebrating with us I didn’t care about presents. 🙂

  6. We didn’t have a wedding registry, but solely because we were moving countries. It would have been a pain to take much at all with us, as my whole life had to move with me. I found it awkward asking for no gifts, and cash or gift cards only. Since I’m from the US, registries are super common and not thought of as “rude” by a majority of people (they actually ask where you are registered for weddings, baby showers, etc). Over here in Aus on the other hand, it is seen more as rude I believe. A majority see it as “be thankful for what you get” and I agree. I only create them for the purpose of giving ideas if they need help and wanted to get something. I always inform the people they by no means have to get exactly that and from the exact store.
    I do think Pinterest helps a lot with taking guesswork out of a bit nowadays though!

  7. It’s a tough one isn’t it. Hubby and I have been together 24 years , we’re not married so I’ve never had to deal with the embarrassment of whether to ask for gifts. Your list including token ones is an excellent idea. Love that cushion.
    Congratulations btw xxx

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