Funny words

I’ve often had to double check what I’m hearing when RJ is babbling on, sometimes his mispronunciations are hilarious.

For this week’s list, here’s my favourites (warning, 80% rude)

  • Mummy, I’m cold need the fucket (blanket)
  • What the fuck mummy? (Plug!?)
  • Mummy! Mummy look! BIG COCK (in the churchyard, pointing at clock…)
  • Mummy, when are we going on the fairy boat? (Ferry – he still says this one and it’s so cute I just can’t correct him. Cruel I know!)

20 thoughts on “Funny words

  1. So hard to listen them make social faux pas and not laugh! My best ever was when when my eldest couldn’t say ‘forgetful’ (in the context of Mog the Forgetful Cat) and it became ‘f@ck you’ Fairy boat is just really cute though, that’s a keeper. Thank you for hosting #chucklemums

  2. My favourite was when the Child said ‘fork’ like ‘fuck’ and scandalised John Lewis café. She also calls pita breads, kitten breads and I’m never going to correct her! #chucklemums

  3. Haha! I love all this. It’s so important that you write them all down, because when they say something funny you wet yourself and think you’ll remember it forever and then the rest of the day happens and you can’t even remember it to tell your partner! I love the big cock in the church yard. You’ll need to get these out at his wedding 🙂 Alison x #chucklemums

  4. haha! My nephew says ‘shit’ when pointing at birds?! I have no idea what he’s trying to say but ‘bird’ and ‘shit’ sound nothing alike lol – unless he’s trying to warn me of ‘bird shit’ maybe?? 😉 #chucklemums

  5. Haha, our little ones must be about the same age cos mine does the same. Fairy boat is so cute! “Black-cu-c@nt juice” is the winner in our house at the moment! #chucklemums

  6. I often hear my kids say stuff that sounds off and when I ask them to repeat it, I feel slightly bad for doubting them!! My daughter says at-mmediately instead of immediately which isn’t funny but cute to me! x

  7. G is forever shouting ‘cock!’ at the huge church clock outside a particularly religious playgroup! I wish I’d kept a record of all his hilarious mispronunciations, so funny xx #chucklemums

  8. Mine do this all the time and normally in public loos for everyone to hear! I also love how you can say it again really early yet they still say it wrong on purpose!! Kids!!! #chucklemums

  9. I love your child. We often have the ‘cock’ mispronounced….Fairy boat is awesome…giggling into my tea. Delightfully little man has picked up real swearing at school ad when he spilt my tea the other day he said in his sweetest voice..oh sod it mummy…I was mortified and also wanted to laugh xx

  10. Haha – i love things like this! We get the ‘cock’ one too! I did a whole post once of the sentences in which one of mine had used ‘cock’ instead of ‘clock’ & ‘sex’ instead of ‘snacks’ to unfortunate effect. #chucklemums

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