List Wednesday’s 

I work on a Wednesday. But I would like to post something every day, so I thought I could do a weekly post I could write on the tube (where I am now, running late as usual)

What to write my first list about though? How about things that have made me laugh this week:

  1. RJ’s explanation that the wind is down to the sun feeling too hot & wanting to cool down – as it the sun were a magical being with weather control powers
  2. How retro Zelda: Ocarina of Time looks (I downloaded it in a fit of nostalgia on the Wii)
  3. Going to a wedding dress shop and being squeezed into size 0 sample sizes when I’m a 14 – why aren’t your samples in normal woman size?! I looked like a satin sausage.
  4. My wonky rocket!
  5. How the boy managed to pinch 6 of our rainy day box company cookies from right under my nose

I think 5 is enough for an inaugural list, I’ll have to think of different topics for every week now though 🙂

PS this was another one – the boy had a sit down protest over having to walk the half mile home from nursery!

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  1. A great list, but the photo is the best… we’ve yet to experience it, but I’m sure it’s not far off.

    Thanks for sharing #TheBabyFormula

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