A Summer Review

I’ll admit, I let things slip over the summer. I started off with excellent intentions, I started a ‘month in review’ series to track the development of my blog, see where I was heading, create some goals. I did May and June, and then…Summer Holiday-itus struck. And there was the wedding as well. The blog fell by the way side, which is natural I suppose.

But I missed it! And so I’m back with new determination. I signed up for one of You Baby Me Mummy‘s motivational courses, and I have even tidied the office. My lovely husband has said I can use the gift vouchers we got for our wedding to buy myself a proper camera – I really think this will make an enormous difference to the blog, as I love photography and the difference in image quality between my phone and an actual camera could be immense. EXCITED.

I thought I would start off my new determined approach by reviewing the summer – it wasn’t like nothing at all happened after all!

High Points Of The Summer

1: Getting married

2: Honeymoon

3: Reaching 5,000 followers on Twitter

The first two go without saying – I’ll be doing lots of posts about those I’m sure! I’ve already done one recipe inspired post from the honeymoon 🙂

I hit 5,000 followers the day before the wedding, which was great! I had been planning a 5k giveaway (kudos for the idea from my pal Katie from Mummy In A Tutu who did one!) but honestly thought it wouldn’t happen until mid-September! I was also really pleased with all the lovely brands who agreed to be a part of it – winners announced next Friday!

There were some other blog highs too – we are Piccalilly Clothes ambassadors for A/W16, I am going to several food blogging events and we’ve had some lovely review stuff to do. Now to think of the next steps!

Goals for September:

1: Get 2,000 page views on the giveaway

2: Make a success of #BloggersBeatingCancer

3: Learn how to use my new camera

Also, start doing monthly review posts again, for myself if nothing else!




3 thoughts on “A Summer Review

  1. wonderful goals my lovely and what a gorgeous summer round-up! Excited to see some wedding posts and honeymoon posts and some wonderful photos with your new camera. Love the idea of Aby’s course – super impressed with your study creation! x

  2. I love the picture, and have really enjoyed seeing all your wedding pics on IG…such a happy summer, I think it’s lovely that you enjoyed the summer, especially as it was such an epic one! I’ve been feeling loads more motivated since Aby’s course too xx #triballove

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