A Month In Review – June

I cannot believe it’s July already. Half the year gone, and the boy breaks up from school in a week and a half. I’m glad I’ve started doing these posts – they are a little kick up the bottom. I need one this month, as I really feel like I’ve lost my mojo.

This Months Goals

  1. Reach 3,800 followers on Twitter
  2. Get to the magic 100 subscribers
  3. Host a giveaway

Once again, 1 and 3 achieved…I now have 3839 twitter followers and you can still enter my awesome Art Book giveaway! Annoying, even when I add WordPress to my mailing list, I’m still not on 100 followers yet…dudes, seriously, sign up! Show me some inbox action! I even added a mini pop up at the bottom there…down a bit…yep! No excuses, show me some love! 😀

High points of the month

  1. BritMums
  2. Getting sponsorship for the above
  3. Increase in Review opportunities

BritMums was just brilliant. It was so awesome meeting the people I’d been speaking to online for months and getting to hang out with them, eating free cake and drinking free plonk. Getting sponsorship (entirely due to the efforts of my #chucklemums co-host Fran from WhingeWhingeWine I might add – thanks Fran!) was the icing on the (free) cake!

I’ve done a few reviews this month as well – I was really pleased to get the chance to review a Clever Bees Club subscription box, which I’m also hosting another giveaway for (check it out!) and I’ve got a couple coming up that I’m really pleased with as well – hurrah!

Goals for July

  1. Reach 4,500 on twitter. I managed 800 this month so…keep going right?
  2. Get to the magic 100 subscribers. IT WILL HAPPEN.
  3. Maintain views/posts into the summer holidays…argh!

Blogs I’m Loving This Month

Mum & Mor – this is a new blog, and is always sweet and well considered. A new Mum living in Denmark, getting to grips with the ex-pat lifestyle as well as new baby wrangling!

How To Become A Successful Blogger – a vlog from The Mum Project. Excellent advice plus some beyond cute baby video-bombing.

A Letter To a Judgy Stranger – by Squirmy Popple, because Judgy Pants should be banned (and also seagull…!)

5 thoughts on “A Month In Review – June

  1. Awesome goals and awesome achievement – seriously well done! I need to take a lead out of your book and set some goals – amazing amount of weekly followers – hope the subscribers on the blog work – I find subscribers the hardest too xx

  2. You’ve had a very busy month! I haven’t even got a single subscriber, regardless of me knowing that people follow my posts and having return visitors! I have absolutely no clue how to grow it! Lucy xx #triballove

  3. What a good idea. Maybe I need to set myself blogging goals but it would probably be like a new year’s resolution or a diet which I’d ditch by day two or three.
    I’m afraid I already subscribe so I can’t help you there but 100 is great – I have one 😉 I actually have more on my wordpress blog that doesn’t exist…

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