A Month In Review – May

I’ve seen a post a bit like this on another blog. Annoyingly I can’t remember who it is to credit.

But essentially, I’ve decided to start doing a monthly round up of all things bloggy – highs, lows, posts I’ve enjoyed reading and what not.


This months goals

I set myself some blogging goals when I was doing the #30daysthatneverbloodyendbloggingchallenge for the month of May, which were as follows:

  1. Reach 3,000 Twitter followers by the end of May
  2. Get 100 blog followers by the end of May
  3. Switch to self hosted by the end of May so I can start using some sexy plug ins.

I actually managed to do items 1 and 3 – hurrah! I have 3,193 followers on twitter (love you all, even you naughty ones with no clothes on!) I am now the proud owner of a jazzy new blog, complete with sexy plug ins (editorial calendar I’m looking at you!) I wrote a blog about choosing my theme that you can read if you fancy. I missed out on goal no.2 by 27, which I’m not happy about, but my over all views have gone up so I’m not going to complain.

High points of the month

Here are my three high points of the month:

  1. Getting published on the front page of the Huffington Post
  2. Meeting The Tribe
  3. Getting my first sponsored post

I was utterly dance-around-the-kitchen-squealing happy to be featured on Huffington Post the first time I emailed them. I nearly had to take out shares in Tena Lady when they told me they were going to be using it as a weekend front page feature! I have been submitting weekly posts since then, and am excited to see where that might lead.

I stumbled upon the Tuesday night (8-9!) #TribalChat, and was delighted to join the DM group – an enclave of supportive, kind, hilarious ladies who I adore, and some of whom I will be meeting at BritMums in a few weeks. Cannot. Wait.

I also made my first fee from my writing. I’m not going to lie, I want this blog to make money. I won’t be a sell out to all and sundry, but I would love to write for a living. Hire me!

Goals for June

  1. Reach 3,800 followers on Twitter (I’m a twitter addict)
  2. Get to the magic 100 subscribers
  3. Host a giveaway

I’m hoping that last one might help with 1 and 2!

Blogs I’m loving this month

Just Saying Mum – this is a fab blog that will make you laugh and make you think. This one might even make you cry – If I Could Go Back For One Day

The Parenting Jungle – this is a brilliant post about Father’s Day and what it means to Jade and her son. It’s really lovely and so is the author – she was kind enough to be my very first guest poster in my Monday Monologue series.

Island Living 365 – this is a blog by my pal Em, who is one of the awesome girls I’ll be meeting at #BML2016. I can’t choose just one post they are all fab – she’s on the shortlist for Fresh Voice at the BIBs, and has had my vote from day one.

So, there’s May in a nutshell, and I can’t wait to see what June brings. I’d love to hear anyone else’s updates – link me up in the comments or on twitter!





20 thoughts on “A Month In Review – May

  1. Aww thanks for the mention! I just woke up from a nap after work and have now got messy hair and a big smile on my face! Your blog is trailblazing away! Huff stuff is awesome #triballove

  2. You are so on top of things! Hoping to learn from you as a newbie. Always amazed at your success. I know you work hard for it though. Thanks for sharing!#triballove

  3. Oh I love these types of posts and my monthly round-up goes up tomorrow. But I love your monthly round -up more (and not just because you include me 😉 although big thank you 🙂 ) I love that you include your stats and that you set yourself goals. I am in awe of your twitter followers. That is amazing!!! You have had a fab month. Here is to June and partying at the BiBs. I can’t wait to meet you – WHOOP!

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a great month. How long have you been blogging if you dont mind me asking? (I’m only 2 weeks in, enjoying the writing, and have always been a big twitter fan but now its eating up all my time!)

    1. I set up last July, but I’ve only started properly since I’ve gone SAHM, which was in February. Get on the linkies and the Twitter chats for tips! 🙂

  5. Oh you total sweetie – that was a total little shock when I read my blog name – aww thanks gorgeous! Great round up and fab goals – I need to set some too – think I may just copy you to be fair as we are at similar stats! #triballove

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