7th Birthday Cake Ideas

It’s Rian’s birthday soon – he’s going to be seven. SEVEN. Where have those years gone? That chubby little baby face? Anyway, this isn’t a sappy reminiscing post, I’ll save that for his birthday letter. This post is about 7th Birthday Cake ideas! Omg, I totally fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole yesterday, the cakes are AMAZING. Seriously, hats off to great bakers!

I thought I would collect up some of my favourites – from Pinterest and I’ve also got some beauties from other bloggers – and gather them all here so I can drool over them collect the posts for posterity…ahem. I’ve picked 7, because well, 7!

So, I think my main contender is a Chocolate Explosion cake, which are legion on Pinterest. I’ve not nicked a picture without asking because it’s rude, but go look at my board – loooook!┬áThe boy loves anything chocolate, so a cake covered in his favourite ‘nidnight feast’ treats would likely make his eyeballs fall out of his head.

Second would be this similar but even more extravagantly gorgeous Chocolate Drip Cake from Casa Costello – this one is an easter cake and has Cadburys Creme Eggs on, so I might actually make this one but have different choccie toppings, plus the drips that look so lovely!

7th Birthday Cake Ideas

image courtesy of Casa Costello

If you are a star baker then this Happy Rainbow Cake is an absolute stunner – look at the icing flowers! And the mixed layers! It’s SO gorgeous, but I fear slightly beyond my capabilities. Also see chocolate fiend son. Chocolate rainbow…?

7th Birthday Cake Ideas

image courtesy of Truly Madly Kids

I absolutely love the idea of this one – a cake based on a design by your little. Only MY little would draw a chocolate cake, and his utter disinterest in drawing would probably mean said drawing would look like a turd. Funny as those poo emojii cakes are, I don’t think a brown splat cake is particularly instagram-worthy…seriously though, go look at the post it looks JUST like the drawing. Skills.

7th Birthday Cake Ideas

image courtesy of Our Amanahs Our Futures

Now I’ve never seen the following type of decoration but it’s SO COOL. Apparently these ‘Feathers’ are made from these magical things called Candy Melts you can get from Hobby Craft – but don’t ask me go check the post. Definitely going to make a spiced caramel cake at some point too – sounds beyond tasty.

7th Birthday Cake Ideas

image courtesy of Treasure Every Moment

This is one I NEED to make for my sister because she loves unicorns. Specifically she loves Hank the unicorn, but that’s a very long convoluted story that probably needs you to be drunk to understand. Anyway. Look how pretty it is! Love!

7th Birthday Cake Ideas

image courtesy of The Bear and The Fox

If like usual I end up panicking and leaving things to the last minute I’ll probably turn back to my old trusted and tried favourite Marble Cake – at least I know the boy loves it!

Easy Marble Cake Recipe

What’s your go to birthday cake?

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  1. Oh my goodness thanks for mentioning us. We had so much fun buying the ingredients making the cake together and then letting my daughter have free reign over the decorations.

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