Bread Maker Recipes

I am getting a bread maker for my birthday woop! My husband has told me I am not allowed to buy anymore kitchen gadgets but I have circumvented his will by asking my mother to buy me one. Anyway, there is lots of room in the utility! In anticipation of this excellent gift, I have been rifling through pinterest looking for delicious looking recipes (I haven’t included any gluten free bread recipes, but here’s some just quickly! I’ll probably do some of my own recipes for that at some point…)

Starting simple is always the best plan. I have learnt that to my peril many times, so I think I’ll start with this four ingredient white bread recipe. I hate the fact there are so many preservatives in bread, I can’t wait to make it fresh!

white bread in a basket

I’m also looking forward to getting the boys to eat more brown bread – Rian doesn’t actually mind it but husband might take more persuading. This one looks like a nice simple wholemeal bread maker recipe. I actually really like the taste of brown bread, and definitely think it’s healthier in the long run, especially for the old insides and what not. I don’t know why people prefer white bread when brown is so much tastier. 

Wholemeal bread in a basket

I won’t just stick to plain bread though – I love love love any sort of sweet loaf. I’m such a carb head. I spotted this hot cross bun loaf recipe and I worry that if I make it I will eat the whole thing in one sitting with half a pack of butter. I foresee weight gain. At least I’ll be happy. Maybe I could pretend to be healthy and make some banana bread. I don’t actually like bananas, but I love banana bread. What a weirdo. 

I’m also going to try this cinnamon raisin loaf. It will probably be quite similar to the hot cross bun loaf, but I’ll need to use that other half pack of butter on something!

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