Death By Chocolate!

Well, I love a challenge, and a challenge entitled Death By Chocolate was just too hard to resist. It was supposed to be for National Chocolate Week, but my postman had other ideas so today is the first day I’ve actually had a chance to get it up! Typical.

I was sent 3 bars of single estate organic chocolately goodness by Thomas J Fudge along with a box of their frankly fantastic florentines. The challenge was to make some chocolate dipping sauce. Hello!

Thomas J Fudge Florentines

So I immediately got to work melting a bar of chocolate in a bowl over some hot water, and adding a little oil and water to make it smooth and more liquid.

melting chocolate

For my first batch of dipping sauce I added the juice of a tangerine, for an orangey hit. It was delicious if I do say so myself.

tangerine juice

For the next batch I thought I would be a bit more adventurous, and I crushed up some chilli flakes as small as they would go in my pestle and mortar (yes, another Joseph Joseph kitchen thing, I know I’m addicted) and chucked them in.


I wasn’t sure about this one until I tried it – but it was so good! And the florentines, which were coated in white chocolate themselves, just added to the decadence. Amazing – totally remembering to do this for a dinner party (when I’m grown up and have dinner parties!)

The boy wasn’t too sure about the chilli variety!



Disclaimer: I was sent the chocolate and florentines for this challenge plus a voucher for extra flavour ingredients but as always all thoughts and words are my own


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