Easy Vegetarian Burritos

I love Mexican food. Spicy, fresh flavours – and you can stick cheese on almost all of it. Big fan! We quite often have fajitas, and cheat by just buying the packets but in an effort to save money on our shop and also to eat less meat I thought I’d try something new – vegetarian burritos!

This is an easy recipe and easy to make loads of if you’re entertaining – this one makes enough for two people to have 2 burritos each plus one cold for lunch the next day.

You’ll need:

  • a yellow pepper
  • small onion
  • 1/2 tin black beans
  • handful frozen sweetcorn
  • coriander & lime microwave rice
  • ground cumin
  • five cherry tomatoes
  • large tortilla wraps
  • salsa, guacamole & sour cream to dress

Chop and gently fry the onion and pepper until they are softening, then rinse and add the black beans and cook for around five minutes. Add in the sweetcorn and cook the rice in the microwave. Add seasoning and ground cumin to taste – you’ll get that lovely smokey mexican flavour just from the cumin it’s amazing. Stir through the rice and chop and stir through the cherry tomatoes.

I built the burritos using a layer of guacamole (I’m sorry but I bought the guacamole – I think most shop bought stuff tastes like crap, but this one is good. I would make it myself but I don’t have three days to spend staring at an avocado waiting for it to ripen only to turn my back for 30 seconds and have it turn to mulch. Bloody things) and some luchito chipotle salsa which is smokey deliciousness. Then the filling was layered on with some grated cheese and sour cream. Heaven!

I’m not including a photo of how I then tried to wrap the burrito up in a neat little parcel because they looked atrocious but they tasted spot on. Really easy and really tasty –  a new midweek staple! I did feel bad about wasting half a tin of black beans though, I need to find some recipes that can use that up as well. Answers on a postcard please!

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