Emma’s Camembert Cob

I spent most of half term with my Mum and our friend Emma on the Isle of Wight. It’s always a brilliant retreat from the every day stresses, Rian gets a playmate and I get some (lots of) wine and good company! We also had some yummy food, and I wanted to share this treat of a recipe – Emma’s Camembert Cob!

It’s soooo easy – grab a cob of bread (you know, the big round loaves), cut the top off and scoop the middle out and plop a whole Camembert in there. Stud the cheese with garlic and rosemary, put the “lid” of bread back on and pop it in the oven to bake until the cheese is gooey.

loaf of bread with camembert in it

You could attempt to have a small health kick and eat the cheese with carrots or celery, or you could just decide to go full coronary and have it with roasted new potatoes wrapped in bacon like we did. OMG.

potatoes wrapped in bacon

It didn’t last very long I’ll tell you that much. I’ll also warn you – let the potatoes cool down a bit before you stuff them in your gob. Word from the wise…


potatoes dipping in cheese


You know you wanna pin it…

Baked Camembert Cob


Sparkly Mummy

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