Greek Style Salad With BBQ Baked Feta

After our honeymoon to Crete, we came back full of delicious Greek food and decided we would try and follow a Mediterranean diet. One of the things we liked best was the super simple Greek salad we found in a tiny taverna by the sea. The view, the taste and feel of the olive oil on the tomatoes and cucumber with the zing of the onion and pepper was just happy in a dish.

view of sea and mountains

I decided to try my hand at my own Greek salad. I chopped up baby cucumbers from the new greengrocers on the high street (so cute!) with heirloom tomatoes of various hues. I sliced a quarter of an onion and half a sweet red pepper. I then liberally sloshed over olive oil, and ground salt and pepper.

Greek salad of this sort usually has feta mixed through, but as my husband doesn’t like cheese (yeah I’m not sure why I married him either, talk about a potential deal breaker) I decided to keep it separate and do something a bit different.

I cut half a block of feta and topped it with sliced cherry tomato and oregano, salt and pepper and a good glug of olive oil, then wrapped it all up in tinfoil and popped on the BBQ.

Feta drizzling olive oil

In the time it took the sausages to cook, it was ready (though you could leave it for a bit longer)

Feta cooked like this is utterly delicious, it doesn’t crumble, or get to the point of oozing like other cheeses, but it softens and melts in the mouth. If you take it a bit far, it will collapse, but it’s still yum!

So good, and so easy! I could eat this every day. Served up with the salad more olive oil and seasoning, it’s that happy in a bowl all over again.



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Baked Feta and Greek Style Salad


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