Popcorn Shed Fridge Cake

We love popcorn in our house, so obviously I said yes please to a shipment from the fabulous Popcorn Shed! Delicious, hand made popcorn with natural flavourings and nothing nasty added. Gluten free and low calorie to boot. Yum. 

I have to say, cheese popcorn is revolting. Sorry guys. BUT I loooove all the other flavours, the salted caramel being a particular favourite. You could dip spiders in salted caramel and I would eat them no probs. 

They asked me to think of a recipe you can make using popcorn, and I had loads of Christmas chocolate to use up so I thought I would meld the two together – literally! Pop Choc Fridge Cake a go-go. 

The boy was happy to help, naturally. 

Hashtag Chief Spoon Licker…

The recipe is ridiculously easy. We melted a load of chocolate over a pan of hot water and then stirred in dried fruit, broken digestives and of course, popcorn! 

You spread it over a tray, pop it in the fridge and voila! Choc Pop Fridge Cake!


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