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My sister works for a restaurant chain so she wangled us a discounted meal at FishWorks Piccadilly. We went on the same day we did the Veeno wine tasting, so we ended up having to be rolled home like the greedy barrels we are. This isn’t an invited review, but I thought I’d do one anyway seeing as I had my camera on me and I love taking food pictures!

I started off with scallops with a leek and cream sauce. Delicious but a smidge overdone for me. I also shamed myself by thinking the lemon had a little hat on and trying to take it off. It was of course to stop seeds popping out all over my meal. Sister laughed. 

Speaking of sister, she had a food-envy inspiring pear and cheese salad which I think was on the specials menu – it’s not on their menu at the moment anyway! It was really well balanced – I love pear and cheese!

Even though it’s a fish restaurant we both had a steak for a main, because we are heathens. Sorry, FishWorks. I’m not as bad as Jo though because at least I order my steak medium rare, she orders hers well done. Unfortunately both steaks came well done which was great for her but sad for me. Order fish guys!

We both had cheesecakes for dessert. Josie opted for lemon which was zesty and light and scarfed in about 3 minutes flat. This little beauty was a rum and raisin cheesecake – a boozy delight!

Except for the disappointing steak (which they did offer to change, but I didn’t want to waste a perfectly edible meal just because it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it) the meal was lovely. FishWorks Piccadilly has a chatty vibe and the waiting staff were all helpful and polite. We also enjoyed a cheeky bottle of fizz with our meal – highly recommended!

If you like it would you put a pin in it?

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