Slow Cooker Scotch Broth

The nights are getting a bit colder and as always my tummy decides it’s time for some classic comfort food. Actually my tummy always wants comfort food – it’s why it’s so portly – but that’s a different story. This is a super simple slow cooker scotch broth – delicious, filling and a great excuse to scarf some warm crusty bread too. The recipe I usually use has pearl barley in but I couldn’t see any for looking in the supermarket so I whacked a tin of lentils in instead and it was just fine.


  • Half a leg of lamb
  • One leek
  • One carrot
  • 2 sticks celery
  • Tin brown lentils
  • Half white cabbage
  • 2 lamb stockpots (I’m sure cubes would be fine!)


Same as any slow cooker recipe – chop it all up and whack it in the slow cooker! Once all the ingredients are in top it up with water til it’s just covered – my slow cooker was nearly filled up but don’t worry it won’t boil over! I put the lamb in whole and then we took it out and pulled it apart after it had cooked. So good.

I put mine on low for 8 hours, and all the damned veggies were still hard so I whacked it up high for another hour and that sorted it right out. So if you are making this I’d suggest cooking it on medium for 6 hours! The lamb should fall apart anyway, so check it an hour before you want to eat it – if it’s not happening an hour on high should do it’s magic.

Serve with lots of salt and pepper and yummy, buttery, crusty bread. Perfect autumn fare.

A Slow Cooker Scotch Broth Recipe

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