A DietBon Review – weight loss meals by post

I’m no stranger to weight loss meals by post – I’ve tried two different ones now, plus a horrible juice fast that I’m not even going to write about. So I was more than happy to try out DietBon – a new diet box winging its way from France. French women are always slender, right?

The way DietBon claims to work is as follows: Lose weight with filling, delicious and balanced calorie controlled meals! All 100% natural too.

For your pennies you will get:

  • A selection of low calorie meals – you get to pick and choose what you like the look of. I requested no poisson, merci (I hate fish)
  • Meals for 6 days out of  every 7 – on the spare day you start to make your own healthier choices with support from DietBon nutritionists.
  • Support – you can have monthly consultations with a dietician
  • A customised activity schedule – you can access this and the other things through your account.

The calorie and menu composition of your program will be personalised for you by a dietician during your first consultation. They will support you on your free days and once you reach your goal, they design a balanced plan to help you keep at that weight going forward. 

So that all sounds delightful, but what’s the grub like we hear you cry?

This was what I got in my box:

I got things for breakfast – my favourites were the ready made pancakes you pop in the toaster SO CONVENIENT – snacks (cookies, yes!) – lunches and dinners and some bonus bags of lovely tea! 

Generally, I really liked most of the meals. As all the food boxes are in French and my French is “un petit peu” at best I had to guess what was in some of them (I knew there was no fish at least!) I have since been told that there is an English guide to your dinners in the box, which I must have discarded in my cookie excitement. Ahem. 

This was some sort of chickeny yum with possibly a polenta mash:

The sauce was so nice. All the meals are ready with just 2 minutes in the old ponty ping (I am on the fence as to whether this is the actual Welsh for microwave but I desperately want it to be because amazing) which is also convenient – some of the other boxes I’ve tried have needed hobs and ovens, which is fine if you are a hermit like me, but not if you work in an office where you only have said ponty ping/microwave. Saying that, one of the meals I had and really liked was SUPER smelly. Like husband giving me filthy looks five hours after eating it smelly. No one in an office would be your friend after that one – have the goats cheese and tofu pasta at home where only your families noses will be offended. Everything else smelt perfectly delectable though. 

It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?! Delicious, but stinky. 

So, to conclude. I didn’t lose a great deal of weight, but I do feel slimmer and am more energetic than I usually am when on a diet. I didn’t feel hungry or anything and the cookies were a real treat (though I wasn’t keen on the fruit pots). I think if you did this over a few months you would lose weight completely sensibly and effectively because as well as the dietician support you learn portion control. I approve! 

If you want to try DietBon, you could use my voucher code MUMZILLADB which gives you 20% off a 1, 2 or 3 month course! Bon appetit!

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