A Family Day Out…In The Clink Prison Museum London

We decided to drag ourselves out of the house over Christmas and head into town. We live so ridiculously close to the best city in the world, and yet we hardly ever venture into it! So we decided to visit The Clink prison museum and take a trip down the river, which the boy loves.

The Clink is fab – it’s not very expensive ( you can get a family of four ticket plus a guide for £20) and it’s delightfully gruesome – lots of scary figures and very pointy looking torture devices. What more could a five year old want? It’s also not very big, so you won’t get bored.

Diseased woman prisoner at The Clink Museum

Naughty boy at The Clink Museum

This monster was particularly horrible we must admit – definitely behind bars is the best place for this one.

Chastity Belt at The Clink Museum

I wonder if anyone seriously had to wear one of these chastity belts – can you imagine the indignity? The smell? What if hubbie dearest got chopped up whilst off crusading and never came home with the key? Or if you hadn’t known you were pregnant before he left?! Medieval men must have had some serious trust issues.

Traitors heads on spikes at The Clink

I think these were Rian’s favourites – delightful child!

In the Stocks at The Clink

Look at these two beasts – shame I forgot my sack of rotten veg!

Corpse in a cage at The Clink Museum

Swords at The Clink Museum

Naturally the boys were interested in all the sharp pointy things.

As I said, it’s not a huge museum, so it was great for keeping Rian’s attention as we wandered around learning about how vile a prison The Clink was back in the day. Disease ridden, full of rats, flooded at high tide with sewage-filled Thames. Bleurgh! Can you imagine the outrage today?

Anyway, this isn’t a paid or sponsored post, we went for fun and fun was had! We recommend.

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