A solution to Wedding Prep Stress

We are so close to the wedding now, my knees get a bit shaky when I think about it. 3.5 weeks from now, the day will be upon us.

I’m not worried about the actual getting married, or the dress, or standing up in front of everyone, no.

I just want everyone to have a good time.

We are currently sat trying to work out how much booze we need to order. Currently it stands at enough to knock out or severely impair 17 elephants. That should be ok right?!

I have also spent the day printing by hand the labels for the favours with tiny little letter stamps. The favours are booze too. Of course.

Yes, yes, let’s have all the Marks & Spencer jokes. The alternative is just so much worse ok!!

Anyway. Having had a stressful day I was more than happy to rewind with a nice drink myself – a small vodka and qcumber over lots of ice, which I was sent to review (the qcumber, not the ice)

Lucky me! It’s really yummy and refreshing. I just wish I’d had some nice greenery to tart it up a bit!

If you want to try qcumber with some gin or vodka (or just ice!) you can buy it from  at Asda, Tesco, Booths, Planet Organic, Ocado, Harrods, Selfridges & Co and various other places.

I think I’ll be stocking up to get me through the next few weeks!

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