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As I may have mentioned before, I am not the craftiest of people, though I wish I was, and I am always trying to get the boy to draw more (even if his efforts do end up a bit rude looking!)

We were therefore delighted to be offered the chance to review and giveaway two awesome art books – Modern Art Adventures and 3D Art Adventures by Maja Pitamic and Jill Laidlaw. These are lovely hardback books, which contain lots of interesting  information about artists and guides on how to recreate their masterpieces.

We spent a rainy afternoon trying out one of the Modern Art activities (because we had all the stuff handy – you will for a lot of it if you are arty type) where we made a Saul Bass style illustration.

book face

It seemed like a nice simple starter, and it really was. The instructions are nice and clear, definitely easy enough for toddler-helper age and upwards (to grown ups if you are like me!)


The boy was quite happy to blue wash several pieces of paper so we could pick the best one (apparently, I think he just wanted to slosh paint around)

I drew on the face guidelines, and he liberally applied glue to them while I ripped up strips of newspaper.


We then stuck the pieces of newspaper along the guidelines, he actually managed to do this quite well by himself:


I cut out the little heart shaped eyes and did some of the smaller bits of paper. Also some scraping off of excessive glue splodges…not that I’m a perfectionist or anything.

I’m pretty pleased with the final result. Almost as good as the original – perhaps I’ve got an artistic child after all!


There’s so much to do in these lovely books – we’ll have no excuses for being bored in the summer. I can’t wait to do some of the 3D ones!

If you would like a chance to win a copy of either Modern Art Adventures or 3D Art Adventures then you can enter the rafflecopter thingy below! Hurrah!
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36 thoughts on “Art Book Review & Giveaway!

  1. This book looks fantastic. Oldest would love this as she loves drawing and creating masterpieces and I am really rubbish with helping her so this would be fab!!

  2. I love art, and this would be a great source of ideas to try with my daughter. Maybe I could adapt some for the nursery class I work with.

  3. Great prize, would love to win. Great to keep the children occupied, and gaining knowledge and skills. Love admiring Art.

  4. Fantastic, I’m creative by nature but am always stuck for inspiration for projects to do with the kids – this looks perfect!

  5. This is such a fabulous book, my daughter would love this to keep her busy over the summer holidays!

  6. OOOH this looks a great idea. My great-niece and great-nephew are getting into their crafts and we are always looking for things to entertain them. They even take their paints and paper outside when the weather is better than it is today (raining again in Yorkshire). Thank you for the chance.

  7. I think my son would lover this. Would be a great activity for us to do together. It’s harder to find things as he gets older. X

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