Barefoot SOS

One of the prizes in my fab 5k giveaway is a set of Barefoot SOS organic goodies.

I agreed to review some of their bits myself (not difficult – I’m a sucker for new products, as my addiction to Birchbox and ilk testifies!)

I was sent some Face & Body Rescue and shampoo for dry scalps.


I’ve been using the face and body on an ad hoc basis as my skin is only dry in patches. I’ll be honest, I’m not too keen on the smell of this one, but you can only smell it for a minute so it’s not off putting. I use it on my chin and it’s been very good on the dry bits on my nose from the constant schnozz-blowing of the delightful hayfever season. It will last for ages like this I imagine!


The shampoo is good too – it took me a while to persuade my new-thing averse husband to use it on his very dry scalp, but now he has he also approves. And it smells lovely too – I used it and it didn’t do anything to my scalp (probably because it’s not dry!) but it did make my dry hair super soft!

It’s definitely worth a try if you suffer with dry skin. You can check for stockists on the Barefoot SOS website.

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