Everything Is Fine by Gillian Harvey

Another week, another debut review! This week it’s Everything Is Fine by Gillian Harvey

I don’t know about anyone else, but lockdown is definitely making me feel cacky. First time round all my reading went out the window as I just couldn’t focus. It’s slightly better this time, but sometimes I just need a pick me up, and a funny book is just the ticket. 

Jessica Bradley is an accidental influencer and PR guru (kind of). Her followers think she’s a fitness, clean living fanatic with a super hot boyfriend. In reality, her boyfriend has just dumped her by post-it, her daughter is withering away through well meaning neglect and she just wants a biscuit with actual sugar in it, please. 

Jessica’s one of those characters who is so self-obsessed that she’s hilariously rubbish at noticing what is happening around her and is always getting herself into ridiculous situations – mainly by desperately trying to hold on to what she thinks she wants, at any cost…got to keep those followers happy! But don’t worry, she will re-engage with the important things in life eventually, but not before she has made you do many make-your-partner-or-dog-jump LOLs. 

Some of the characters in this book are brilliantly funny, my favourite being Hugo, AKA #penisguy – I’ll let you read it to find out why. A certain beauty treatment might also have you spitting your tea out from laughing.  

Anyway, if you need a pick me up then picking up Everything Is Fine is on my list of recommends. 

Gillian also has a lovely website for your perusal, should you wish to check out more of her news and book updates. 

Everything Is Fine novel by Gillian Harvey  

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