For The Love Of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino

For The Love Of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino – well, indeed! People will do a lot for their friends, including agreeing to be a bridesmaid five times over one summer…

This is almost a 27 Dresses in book form – the crazy rush of showers, hen do’s, dress shopping (brides and maids) and of course dealing with bridezillas and wicked other bridesmaids. Compound that with your – Lily’s – distinctly single status, overbearing mothers and the temerity of two of said weddings belonging to your much younger siblings…

Lily is 32 and going nowhere fast – a safe but dull job and a history of self-sabotage when it comes to men. When she finds herself being driven crazy by the relentless ‘requests’ of her increasingly demanding brides-to-be, she starts an anonymous super-snarky blog about them all and of course, hilarity and disaster ensues!

I really loved this book, it’s such a satisfying read. Like any romcom, it’s safely predictable, and you know you’ll get your happy ending (though there is one brilliantly funny twist to this one that completely swiped me) but that’s a good thing. It’s like a hug in book form – it’s funny, self-aware and excellently characterised. I’ll be reading her next books for sure – they’ll be getting pride of place on my holiday reading lists. Best enjoyed with a ‘dirty monkey’ cocktail on a sun lounger..(in-joke, Grandma was my favourite character!)

For The Love Of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino

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