In The Dark by Vikki Patis – Review

One of the loveliest things about writing is meeting other writers, and I’ve found being in facebook groups with other authors frankly delightful. I even got to advance read In The Dark by Vikki Patis who runs a great group, and it didn’t disappoint. 

In The Dark is a book about the domino effect – how one small, theoretically insignificant act can set off ripples that turn into tidal waves. I think I might be mixing my metaphors there somewhat, but I’m allowed to do that now. 

The cast of the book is really varied and so can explore many different relationships – mother and daughter, grandmother and grandson, teenage friendships and affairs, but it doesn’t suffer for the broad take on a difficult situation. 

Liv is grandmother to Seb, her mixed race grandson who had a difficult start to life. He’s a lovely boy, but she worries that his past – specifically his father – might corrupt him. When his girlfriend attempts suicide, suspicions are raised from all sorts of angles. Izzy, his girlfriend, has her own secrets to contend with, as does her controlling mother, Caitlyn. Who is to blame?

Brilliantly full of revelations, this one is the epitome of a page turner!

Cover of In The Dark by Vikki Patis

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