Boys Winter Fashion with Reima Clothing

I love trying out boys clothing – not on myself obviously, I mean I love it when we are sent stuff for Rian to try because it’s a great excuse to get out and take some pictures of him. Not that he’s always that happy about it when it’s raining like it was yesterday – but luckily enough we were sent some of Reima’s fab outdoors all weather clothing!

Rian in a tree wearing a Reima Jacket and water repellent jeans

We received this gorgeous Reimatec winter jacket ‘Naapuri’.┬áThis kids’ waterproof winter parka jacket is made of a technical windproof material that is also breathable and – winning – dirt repellent! You can adjust the waist to pull it in a bit and it has four pockets that are all sealable. The hood is a safe one, as it detaches, and it’s beautifully fluffy and soft. You can also tumble dry the coat without wrecking it, which is great. I don’t think you’d need to wash it for a while though what with the waterproofing and muck repelling skills!

Boy in a fluffy hood

We were also sent some hard wearing and water resistant jeans that wick moisture away from the skin – perfect for grotty winter weather! The ‘Flip’ jeans┬áhave an adjustable waist too, which is essential for Rian because he is such a skinny minny – his legs always outgrow trousers before he fits into the waist! These ones are very comfy, and a slim fit which is great for climbing trees!

Reima flip jeans

Reima is a leading brand for high end active wear, so it isn’t cheap but the quality is undeniable. The coat is probably going to do Rian for at least another winter and will be a welcome hand me down to other boys in the family – it feels like it’ll last forever. Same with the jeans! If you’re an outdoorsy family with kids who like to jump, roll and trash their clothes then these are well worth the investment!

Jumping out of a tree

Disclaimer: We were gifted this coat and pair of jeans by Reima in return for an honest review. All images, thoughts and views are our own as always.

Reima Clothes Review

4 thoughts on “Boys Winter Fashion with Reima Clothing

  1. Oh wow that coats looks SO warm and cosy its lovely. I also really love the colour, your son certainly looks happy. My two little ones love the outdoors, muddy puddles and exploring the woods so I will definitely check this brand out, the dirt repellent would definitely come in handy too!

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