Christmas Card Crafting With Stampin’ Up

I love making things, and Christmas is a great excuse to make all sorts of sparkly, fluffy and delightful mess. So far we’ve made some lovely little wooden decorations (well, we coloured some lovely wooden decorations from Flying Tiger with shiny pens) and so we were really excited to get a fab stamping kit from Stampin’ Up to try out making our own Christmas cards.

I love these sorts of stamps, and these Christmassy ones were great because they came stuck into a DVD box – you peel off the ones you like and attach them to the plastic block and stamp away, then peel them off again and stick them back in the box for safe keeping and start again! I did have a funny issue where we accidentally stamped ‘Bright & Merry’ instead of ‘Merry & Bright’ but apart from that the stamps worked brilliantly. You do get very inky fingers though!!

Rian using the Stampin' Up kit

We were really pleased with our final efforts using the Stampin’ Up kit – I’m sure family members are going to be pleased with a lovely little homemade card from their favourite nephew/grandchild!


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