Ciao Gusto!

Ciao Gusto

I love Italian food. It’s the cuisine I would always pick when posed with the question “If you had to choose one cuisine and eat only that for the rest of your life, which would it be?”

So, imagine my unparalleled glee to be invited to the launch of Ciao Gusto, a new collaboration of fantastic Italian brands launching on Ocado. There would be food, there would be fizz. There would be me! Except not. I got there, all terribly excited and super early as per usual, and I had just started getting excited about the canap├ęs when my phone went. Babysitter. The boy had done a spectacular sick all over the sofa (poor sofa) and I had to leave.


However, despite my lack of proper attendance, I was still sent the most amazing hamper of deliciousness from the range. Very, very happy girl.

The Ocado Ciao Gusto department on Ocado is brilliant as well – it’s been sorted into easy to use tabs so you can quickly plan and order your feasts.

Ocado Cio Gusto Departments

I could spend ages looking at all the lovely antipasti and olive oils (I’m so sad) and I can’t wait to invite the girls over for a proper Festa Mumzilla style!

Get thee over to Ocado and check out the Ciao Gusto range!





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